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Let's Get Physical!

Hello, I'm Sarah Stout! I am an independent personal trainer with over 9 years of 1-1 experience to help YOU work SMARTER not HARDER! I fell in love with fitness in 2012 and I'm here to bring my passion to you.  I believe that training is more than just a business, it's a relationship best served with good manners, great product and outstanding value. I love to teach exercise and help others to reach their goals. My own personal fitness journey helps me relate to any challenge, bringing home fitness to you while improving the quality of your life.

  • 1-1 personalized plans that are specifically tailored for you that will prevent injury and reduce pain. 

  • I also offer wellness/mindfulness, health coaching and nutrition guides in my training and sessions.

  • Lifting weights in good form and proper nutrition leads to living longer, losing weight and changing your life!

  • With consistency, rest and recovery strength training will give you the confidence and motivation you need to feel comfortable and feel good, while looking your best. 



If I can do it ~ You CAN do it!

I wasn't always a fitness guru. I grew up in the Heartland (Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa & Missouri). Out in the country, we like to eat GOOD, and my lifestyle caught up to me in my late 20's. After some serious changes to my life, I lost the weight and KEPT IT OFF with diet and exercise. My first certification was with the ISSA in 2013 and I've never looked back, scaling 5 more certifications and even my Master's Degree in 2018. I know the work and dedication it takes to reach your goals, and I can teach YOU how to eat clean and train mean so you can edit your life and become the best version of you!


Weston, Missouri

(816) 646-4488

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